Project Title Synopsis Duration Country Language Trailer URL Award
ZEDA THE HUNTER Winter 2047. Dave climbs the mountains to hunt in a restricted area. Following a wolf in the depths of forest he discovers an ancient ruin, a few menhirs which form a gate. Fascinated, Dave walks throught the gate and enters a mysterious land. Here he will face his alter-ego: an old man named Zeda, a hunter from an ancient time. From hunter Dave becomes hunted ...and he will receive a new identity. Dave starts a new life in the wilderness of mountains. 15 Pages Romania Romanian   Best Screenplay
Shut Up, I´m on a Roll! A nice somewhat naive girl comes in a casino. All hope and illusion kisses her only token and makes her bet at the roulette. And she wins! Bets again and who would have thought? she wins over and over again. She plays craps and there you go! 7! This drives the attention of a handsome bon-vivant guy. Will he or she be the catch, the winner, the loser now? Will the roll go on? roll the dice, roll the film! 0:04:11 Spain     Best Song
Poison A pensionated doctor, who also has lost his wife recently, travels to his cottage placed in an abandoned fjord far away from the civilisation. He is determined to take his own life but just before he takes action a couple of strangers approaches on horseback. To his big surprise the doctor knows one of the riders from the past. It is his daughter former husband. 0:55:27 Iceland Danish, Icelandic https://vimeo.com/298176378 Best Actor
Some Strange Being We all need friends, but sometimes, we don't exactly get to pick them. 0:08:31 Ireland English   Best Short Film
Fadi Awad - We Are Here   0:03:48 Canada     Best Music Video
Fadi Awad feat. Addie Nicole - Reach The Sky (Drew G's Dirty Pop Remix) The EP including this track has been charted on Billboard and on The European Top 200 Indie Charts for 15 weeks: https://medium.com/@WorldPress/fadi-awads-reach-the-sky-enters-the-billb... 0:05:45 Canada English   Best Editing
Fadi Awad feat. Addie Nicole - Reach The Sky (StoneBridge & Damien Hall Extended Epic Mix)   0:04:12 Canada English   Best Producer
FIRES IN THE DARK Seventheen century. Set in a small village, nestled between the sea and the mountain, the father of Alan, a young fifteen-year-old boy, has sold himself for two years to indentured service. Alan is forced to take the place of his father and struggles to support his family. 1:34:00 France French   Best Feature
Rised up in souls Julián and Ximena, fight to conquer their dreams in the middle of turbulent gang war events in the city of Medellín, guerrillas and paramilitaries in the jungles of Colombia. The young documentary filmmaker and Tango dancer, try to save their love of bullets and the injustices that surround them, through the art, until becoming without intending to, the protagonists of their own dramatic stories. Julián about to graduate as a journalist must flee Medellín to save his life. 1:11:26 Colombia Spanish https://vimeo.com/512354272 Best Cinematography
Postings Isa, 25, is an influencer: fitness, lifestyle, natural nutrition and most of all... bare skin. 1,5 million followers on Instagram. Too bad that she gets busted with illegal substances for athletes, robbing her of authenticity - a dramatic decline in her career. She loses her followers, her job, money, her apartment. Her last refuge is her sister Rika's Airbnb room. Isa has to rebuild her blog - that’s all she knows. During a morning run she stumbles across Esther´s (26) suicide attempt. 1:27:44 Germany German   Best Actress
Psyched! - Pilot Psyched!' is a medical drama based on psychiatry. It follows the day to day lives of the staff and patients from the Community Mental Health Team. 0:28:19 United Kingdom English   Best Drama

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