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BETWEEN PAIN AND AMEN A young composer and double bass virtuoso, who returns to Romania after studying in Vienna, is arrested by the political police soon after getting engaged and taken to the Pitesti prison, where a brainwashing and torture-based experiment is under way. The horrible communist experiment, copied after the Soviet model, is headed by the much-feared Ciumau. The composer survives unimaginable torture due to his strong religious belief and composes Ode to God. His music will eventually save his fiancee, Lia. The film is independent and inspired by true events. 2:05:05 Romania https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHGdGAu3P9Q Best Drama Feature
Afgan Women The story of Afghan women , who have been tormented by the terrorist group Taliban for years but never gave up or lost hope, and their resistance to the life deemed proper for them in a place where it's difficult to be human let alone a woman... 5 women, feltmakers from the village of Dehrebat located in the Pencap region of Afghanistan, are determined to change the ill fate of Afghan girls. The only support they have during this difficult journey is their belief in perseverance. Together we will witness the story of 5 extraordinary women, who work tirelessly, so that their daughters can receive an education and humane treatment. 0:27:18 Turkey   Best Editing
EL ARRIMO A farm divided into two parts unleashes a fight to the death between Carlos and Humberto, two peasant brothers who dispute to have the greatest amount of land in the inheritance that their father left them. This dispute leads the two families to break off relations, although Luis Carlos and Beto, cousins, children of Carlos and Humberto continue to meet secretly, thus devising a way to save their relationship and, incidentally, the lives of their parents. 0:12:28 Colombia https://vimeo.com/458385390 Best Romance Short
Havana Kyrie An aging, down-on-his-luck Italian conductor reluctantly travels back to Havana, Cuba, to oversee several performances of compositions in which he specializes. His concerns seem well-founded when his trip starts off on the wrong foot and he is quickly met by the son he never knew he fathered years ago, but his past eventually adds new purpose and meaning to his present. This is a heart-warming, nostalgic tale of a quirky old man rediscovering the “spice of life” once again. 1:30:00 Cuba https://youtu.be/bv-dz60-Pzo Best Comedy Feature
The Dark Dance Italy is the best place to inspire a political film, a compelling reflection on populism and what is happening all over the world. A politician, a brilliant and well-liked mayor from his fellow citizens, candidate for the Chamber, clashes with a graduate, disappointed and against the current dancer. 1:45:00 Italy https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/15656796 Official Selection
The Vibes This silent short film – The Vibes; has been written and shot in the interest of emphasizing on the effects of the vibrations that we share and absorb or the assets or objects around us absorb from us and from others. We know that everything around us is made of pure energy and this energy vibrates thus forming frictions and connections and we term that as our gut-feelings and instincts; passing some messages to us; for us to be aware of, for us to try to understand something between the lines and makes us intuitive about situations and people around us. In the film two guys see each other from a distance; in a restaurant and they hesitate to open conversation with each other, because they have never met each other nor have they ever seen each other in their whole life or merely because culturally, ethically or rationally we don’t go and open random conversations with strangers; merely fearing a negative reciprocation. In the first half of the run time of the film, the viewers get to see something magical – After they see each other in the same pool side restaurant; the two guys get to share the same hotel room; leaving the viewers flabbergasted and confused of their uncanny closeness and yet the indifference in their behavior; even though they’re being seen in the same hotel room. It is only towards the end of the film, that the viewers come to know the twist in their closeness against the indifference and the magic lies within the check-in & check-out (watch very carefully). The very last scene of the film gives the viewers a probability of understanding; how the vibrations in the hotel room may have given the two guys the courage or the trigger to connect with each other and to attempt to open a conversation. The core message of the film is only to help the viewers understand the vitality, effect and the influence of these vibrations and what they can cause or effect in our lives, our hopes, our wants, our desires, and so on… The film is not focused on passing any message for or against any group, cast, clan, religion, belief, faith, orientation, nationality, or tribe. 0:08:30 India https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/16708705 Best Mystery Short
Snow Babel In the middle of a dinner, words run fast from one point to another of the table. A serious and at the same time frivolous chatter made up of anecdotes, references, and assonances. Twelve women are gathered to commemorate a thirteenth, who no longer exists, but it is still there with them. They are women of different eras and different ages. Different in appearance, they share a language, a feeling and a mysterious intimacy. A black thread runs through their speeches. It is death, which in a serious, or irreverent, playful or threatening way makes sense to the things of life. It will be the arrival of a young waiter to reveal us that things are not as they seem, and women are not where they seem to be. And to show us what our women don't know they don’t know. 0:09:00 Italy   Best Cast
Shadows of the Night Oh, what strangeness might illuminate in the peaks of night. 0:08:02 Not Specified https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/16825567 Best Horror Short
Warpaint A young girl aspires to be a singer in London's Edwardian music halls but after witnessing abuse and injustice, changes course to lead the fight against the all-powerful theatre owners, quickly gaining the support of performers, back-stage workers and audiences. 120 Pages United Kingdom   Best Screenplay
La domenica Delle Salme The video is a dystopic story about an alien doctor who gets some dead humans to analyze and finds out something disturbing about them. 0:04:30 Romania   Best Experimental Short
Neutudum A young couple gets lost on a hike through the woods and they seek shelter in an empty shed that is haunted by a witch. The couple is separated, with each of them having to overcome a separate challenge. After a tragic reunion, it is revealed that the witch is a victim of her own time - she was an innocent woman, wrongfully convicted of a crime and in order to save herself, she made a deal with a pagan god/demon Kurent. The film is based on world and Slovenian folk-tale elements. 0:28:36 Slovenia https://vimeo.com/374517408 Best Fantasy Short
The Photojournalists Covering Pandemic Life in Italy Several photographers capture the struggles—and the resilience—of Italy’s response to the covid-19 outbreak. 0:07:34 United States   Best Documentary Short
"Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal" WHO CREATED THE GREATEST WORK OF IAMBIC THUNDER IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE? “Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal” answers that question in this fun yet important film. It is a costume-filled journey into literary history’s greatest mystery: Who really wrote the works of Shakespeare? This charming documentary is clearly a labor of love, which one can feel in every scene. The world needs it and bravo to Christina di Marlo for doing it!" -- Don Rubin, Professor Emeritus, York University Editor, World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre. VENICE FILM AWARDS REVIEW, 11/11/2020 "BEHIND THE NAME SHAKESPEARE is an extraordinary one-woman show/documentary. The exceptional Robin Phillips guides us through the exciting investigation about who is really behind the most important plays in the whole world and therefore behind the name of William Shakespeare… Robin Phillips puts all her talent as an author, actress, and storyteller, playing sort of comedian detective (a brilliant choice that makes us remain glued to the screen for the whole duration of the film) but contextualized in the era we are referring to. She transforms herself several times, she steps out and gets back into the narration with delicacy and without ever being out of tune. And as a consequence of this, it's not difficult to get involved in the typical atmosphere of the sixteenth century, also thanks to the beautiful costumes designed by Phillips herself, who also worked on the music ("Best Sound Design," Venice Film Awards) hairstyles, make-up, and artistic direction. The documentary is full of information, anecdotes, details, and spins around two centuries, between literature, history, and art. Despite being so full of news and quotes, you can easily follow it from start to finish. Not only without ever getting bored but remaining with bated breath in search of yet another proof that helps to agree with an increasing number of groups of people who support this extraordinarily beautiful and thrilling theory. It's difficult, after having seen it, not to want to join the chorus of voices of these artists, historians, writers, who claim that a glove maker's son could not have created what are among the greatest masterpieces of world theater literature. And that it's much more likely that it was the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere, lover (to be reductive) of Queen Elizabeth, and an erudite and brilliant man of letters. Art Harman enriches the movie with his cinematography and his technical effects, which join the narrative moments in a fluid and coherent way .To quote Anna Rice, even within the documentary itself this is "very very interesting stuff", which could not tell this crazy part of history in a better way. I challenge the public not to fall in love with this story, with their protagonists, and with Robin Phillips in this delightful documentary film, which teaches and entertains, thus remaining faithful to the primary purpose of Elizabethan theater." 1:39:00 United States https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHY3uc7G0O4 Best Documentary Feature
La Ultima Estocada   81 Pages Spain   Official Selection
Purgatopia A film six years in the making known as Purgatopia: where the antiquated clashes with the atypical. Purgatopia presents the world and its over abundance of information and ideologies as chaos. A radio show host and a twisted media mogul, are held to a mysterious force personified by an obscure being that is as omniscient as radiowaves. Purgatopia is a topsy-turvy world of flickering lights, crossed signals, and idealogical division mirroring the current struggles of the Information Age. The ‘telephone game’ of public opinion takes the form of a self-repeating formula that feeds back on itself to expose the illusive yet omniscient presence of the collective unconscious. 1:20:35 United States   Official Selection
To Cherish the Sea Hannah is a young French woman who arrives in Beirut, alone. She finds herself sharing a flat with a man who seems unsettled: Homs. Hannah and Homs will be intimidated and drawn to each other. Although they are perfect strangers and coming from different contexts, a common melancholia will make them stick together. Hannah doesn't know it, but Homs is a Syrian refugee. Homs doesn't know it but Hannah is running away from a failed engagement. Their bumpy relationship will be a parenthesis in their lives, with Beirut in the background. 1:08:00 Lebanon https://vimeo.com/306083742 Best Actress
Dream In The Water A music video/Fashion Film about a girl dreaming. In the dream she becomes whatever she wants to and even though she breaks her heart, she feels secure, just like surrounded by water. (All shots are completed at home during covid) 0:02:19 United States   Best Music Video
Review In a video message, a girl invites other women to have sex with her boyfriend, but only if they leave her a review after. 110 Pages United States   Official Selection
“BILLYBALL” A two part script: 242 pages. “BILLYBALL” details the life and death of famed baseball player/manager Billy Martin. My script describes Billy’s incessant frantic activities during his life, from his many physical brawls (most of which he won) to his many disagreements with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, his antics with his “pard”, The Mick (Mickey Mantle, heated love making and arguments with both wives, Lois and Jill, his terrible drinking episodes (including Christmas Day 1989 the day of his untimely death at age 61. “BILLYBALL” hits hard almost as hard as Billy hit his adversaries, from his acid tongue (very, very acidic) to his abrupt decisions to leave various management positions when criticized unfairly (in his mind). “BILLYBALL” should be shot in black and white for the first half of the script then should change over to color at the signing of the change of ownership to shipping magnate George Steinbrenner. “BILLYBALL” is not a baseball story, “BILLYBALL” is a true account of how alcohol abuse can ruin a good person’s life, as the preamble to Billy’s story explains before credits. 242 Pages United States   Official Selection
Excluded Alan, a teacher from Iranian Kurdistan, having been exposed to have taught Kurdish kids their mother tongue - a major crime punished by death in Iran - immigrates to Sweden with his family. Alan has fought for his etnic identity, his wife Astéra wanted to keep her family safe. Now they got security in a country away from the loved ones, their identity down to a small circle. Having formed different principles and priorities makes two persons who have previously loved each other, disunite, dealing with the anxiety and insecurity of their new life in exile. Still, they need to pretend to be a united family as not to risk rejection of their application for residence permit. ​ 1:26:32 Sweden   Best Actor
11,565 Kilometres Project 11, 565 Km Project tracks the path of an artifact from the Shandong province (China) to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (USA). In June 2018, the artist began conducting research on a Chinese artifact at UPenn's museum, A Coffin Fragment (object#: 40-35-4), located in their Asian Art pavilion. During his investigations, Zhang shot one poetic documentary. This film highlights issues related to the circulation of artifacts, the complexity of colonial histories, and the material reality of historical documents. It portrays the long migration of this Chinese coffin, its historical colonial background, and the global power dynamics within the institutional museum collection. 0:29:25 United States https://vimeo.com/396759154 Official Selection
1971 In a small croft on the Swedish countryside, 25-year-old Mary lives in her quiet and self-chosen solitude. On a hot late summer day, her precious silence is disturbed by a knock on the door. It's Jack, a handsome man in his 30s who needs help with his car. We follow Mary in her thoughts and actions as she questions karma, and we are forced to ask ourselves what's right and what's wrong, what's true and what's fiction. 0:07:21 Sweden https://vimeo.com/sothisiswhy/review/379242373/ce52abd72a Official Selection
MAITANE Maitane is the story of a woman who lives in a rural environment and is in a complicated emotional state in the middle of a party atmosphere that is suffocating. We never get to know why Veronica makes her decision, but we do see that something has been revealed in the town that leads to it being vexed and set apart. Emotions of joy and isolation are intermingled in a story inspired by recent real events. 0:06:00 Spain https://vimeo.com/368009716 Best Drama Short
Nectar British musician (Nathan) is forced to leave New York due to his visa expiration. In his final days, he meets and falls in love with Vanessa, who has just entered the U.S. and is trafficking drugs in hopes of giving her family in Venezuela a better life. Afraid of being caught for illicit trade, she decides to flee from the cartel. As the two immigrants yearn to love freely, they are threatened with their lives and met with chaos at every point. Nathan and Vanessa strive to escape a formidable sequence of events involving drug smuggling, deportation, and organized trafficking in NY. 1:24:00 United States https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/15147916 Official Selection
The Eve - Short film 2015 (English version - Spanish subtitles) Winner of 309 awards (check awards section and project website) Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory. At the same time, a secret that his family has been keeping for a long time suddenly comes to the surface and it is feared that the worst might happen soon. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night before Christmas is transformed into reality for everyone on the eve of something truly different. Something terrible that might happen. 0:19:24 Not Specified https://vimeo.com/140989862 Official Selection
MADE IN VENICE MADE IN VENICE is the inside story of the skateboarders of Venice, California (aka Dogtown) and the struggle to make the dream of a skatepark come true. This feature-length documentary film captures the firsthand stories and recollections of 40-plus years of skateboarding in Venice – the birthplace of modern skateboarding - that starts with the Z-Boys, and continues with its legendary street skaters, and the iconic Venice Skatepark. Never-before-seen Super-8 and early video footage, along with rare black and white stills, take you back to innovative demos on the Boardwalk and skating the walls of the Pavilion, as the Venice skaters pushed the boundaries of street skating and put it on the global map. MADE IN VENICE takes you on a rippin', shreddin' ride through the world of skateboarding in the second most visited tourist spot in SoCal, told by some of the most colorful characters you'll ever see on film. LONG VERSION SYNOPSIS: MADE IN VENICE is as close as you’ll come to the heartbeat of skateboarding, from its birthplace on the streets of Venice — aka “Dogtown”— to the local skateboarders who have held it up as “tradition” from the early ‘70s, and still do today. This is the documentary film that captures the firsthand stories and recollections of 40-plus years of skateboarding, from its birthplace Dogtown that started with the now-legendary Z-Boys, and continued with the street-wise skateboarders turning Pro in the 80s, to pioneering “street skating”, and to their heroic achievement – getting the Venice Beach Skatepark built. In candid and direct interviews, MADE IN VENICE captures the stories of the Venice legends and locals – counterculture characters who offer their insider’s look back at the early days of surviving the rough streets. They lived for skateboarding, and made it into a “lifestyle.” Never-before-seen Super-8 and early video footage, along with rare black and white stills, take you “back to the day” — from innovative demos on the Boardwalk to skating the walls of the Pavilion — as the Venice skaters pushed the boundaries of street- skating and put it on the global map. As you’ll see, when these guys skated the graffiti covered Venice Pavilion, it was all attitude — edgy, raw, dangerous, Punk Rock infused moves and speed. This was their unquestioned “Mecca” for skateboarding. Skaters came from all over the world to “ride” the Pavilion. In the year 2000, when a city improvement plan turned their beloved Pavilion into a pile of rubble, the skaters realized they had to band together to do what seemed impossible: To finally get a skateboard park in Venice. MADE IN VENICE documents the skaters’ challenges. How they had to trade fists for words to fight the battles at City Hall and get their points across. They created an official organization – the Venice Skate Association (VSA) – to gain respect. But there was still plenty of bull***t politics, secret meetings and special interest groups to stand up to throughout the struggle from concept to construction. Finally, the day arrived they had all been living for – the Venice Skatepark Dedication Day – one you’ll never forget after experiencing what’s possible. No matter what odds are stacked against you! World famous street-skate pioneer, Jesse Martinez, is featured in MADE IN VENICE, and was there every step of the way, from the dream, to the first shovel of dirt, to designing the park with a group of legendary Venice skaters, to his unforgettable speech on Dedication Day, surrounded by thousands of people from all over West Los Angeles who came to celebrate the new skatepark and the heroes who made it happen for the community. This is no ordinary skateboard story; it’s a “heroes’ journey,” featuring some of the most unlikely heroes you’ll ever meet… on film or in life. Because not only did the skateboarders of Venice dream of, believe in, design and build their skatepark, they can be found there today, cleaning off every speck of graffiti, and teaching world-class skateboarding tricks and techniques to the next generation — the Venice skateboard pros of the future. That’s what “community” means to the skateboarders of “Dogtown.” Tradition. MADE IN VENICE tells it like it is, authentic, right down to the grit and grind of the struggle, and awesome success, of the Venice skaters. This is the their story of how they got a multi-million dollar, world-class skatepark for their community - forever known as Dogtown and the birthplace of skateboarding - just steps away from the waves, right on Venice Beach. 1:17:00 United States https://vimeo.com/177438573 Official Selection
Amore, non è come pensi The wife comes back home earlier than expected and catches her husband in bed with another woman. In anger, she tries to kill him, but accidentally she hits the lover. Now they need to decide what to do with the body and how to conceal it from the police that are knocking on the door... 0:10:40 Italy   Official Selection
Little Hearts A team of volunteer surgeons travel to Sudan to give free life-saving heart operations on children whose lives are at risk. 0:19:46 United Kingdom   Official Selection
The Beautiful Mudanjiang “The Beautiful Mudanjiang” is an amazing documentary about the beautiful nature and rich culture of Mudanjiang. The film is directed by Wen Tian, he is the most influential documentary director in China. The city of Mudanjiang is at the northernmost region of China, it’s also the coldest place on the landscape of China. The film shows the world the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of Mudanjiang with it’s local cultures and rich history. The strength and beauty of Mother Nature and local people of Mudanjiang fascinate wen. Wen want to shows the world his belief in a beautiful and more environmental friendly world . He wants the world to see the strength, beauty and hope in people who live in Mudanjiang, the most extremely cold area of China. Wen want to introduce the world to the beautiful China. 0:20:32 China   Best Cinematography
blue Nora, born in a decent family, came to an island in Asia to escape from the anxiety of her coming wedding. She met a girl named Rox when watching the Mermaid performance, she met the actress Rox who desired to be a mermaid. They became close friends and Nora was never aware that it was a trap by Rox's boyfriend. In the wonderful ocean, the two girls were diving, laughing and having great time. Rox cannot stop telling the truth to Nora. On the other hand, Nora's fianc¨¦ also came to this island looking for her. They were overwhelmed by flush, temptation, conspiracy, and betrayal. In order to escape the pursuit of Rox's boyfriend, the three finally jumped into the sea
This is an Asian style film, which shows the typical Hong Kong style, as well as the elegant Mermaid - this film has some underwater shooting scenes, which are actually shot in the ocean. The story is an implicit Oriental style, but also a female director to show the delicate feelings between women. But in fact, this is a feminist film, which reflects two women from different social strata, facing the pressure of male marriage, to become a mermaid in the ocean as their dream. It's a tragic ending.
0:30:00 China/Australia https://vimeo.com/484541430 Best Director
A camel wood carving In Iraq, the Chinese diplomat - Director Ai will finish his four years work and go back to China to look after his family in one week. Meanwhile there is an armed militant group kidnap two Chinese oversea students. After a bitter inner struggle in Ai's mind, he decides to save these two young men by his own way. 0:20:00 China/Australia   Best Asian Film
The first Ray of Sunshine Sui Jiayao is a schoolgirl, but her family was very special. Her father and mother are disabled person, she also have a little sister and a aged grandpa. Her mother was run away from home, Jiayao has to work and study hard.
There is financial support for poor family in the country. But the deputy township head control the list and Jiayao never be helped until the township party secretary come to the country.
1:26:00 China   Best Narrative Feature
PISCINISMO (Pisscynism) [ENGLISH VERSION BELOW] Un cínico gerente de gimnasio, obsesionado con que alguien está orinando en su piscina, encarga la creación de un líquido delator para desenmascarar al culpable. ******** A cynical gym manager, obsessed with the idea that someone is peeing in his pool, commissions the creation of a telltale liquid to expose the offender. 17 Pages Spain   Official Selection
The Moment The film is about a girl with a definite life. It is an accident that turns out to be suffering from a deadly cancer disease. The diagnosis: "At any moment ..." Her life is transformed, the present is hope, the past is the picture of pain. The set of insoluble problems we think it does not happen to us. She runs away from these things into books. Read and wait for true love to find ... From nowhere popsup a mysterious man . But who is this stranger? An angel, a devil or maybe the death? Or is it a real person who brings him hope, all-over true love, or is it just a hallucination for her illness? 1:30:00 Hungary http://vimeo.com/381226369 Best Romance Feature
Hunger Judah's world revolves entirely around dance. A disciplinary and somewhat monotonous life that absorbs you completely and keeps you apart from society. Rebekah will be her light, her exit door to the outside. Knowing her will lead Judah to her most animal part and to the search for her true self, giving free rein to her deepest appetites. After an intense rehearsal, Judah awakens an irremediable desire for Rebeca, her recent dance partner in the company where she works. Rebeca's insistence will lead them to a sentimental approach, this will lead to a much more intimate encounter between them. The excitement of the moment mixed with the smell of Rebekah will give free rein to a part of Judah that he himself did not know. Something would wake up inside him that remained hidden, a predator wanting Rebeca's flesh, to drag him to devour her like an animal. Such events will push Judah to search for that inner part, hitherto unknown, for a world of irremediable desire, irremediably addressing cannibalism. In his mind, the image of an animal that eats women will take shape. Judah's life will turn into night and day, into a double life that will share the world of dance that fills him so much, with the pursuit of pleasure by eating raw meat from his victims. After Judah's self-confirmation as the predator he is, having tasted raw meat, the reverse will seem unattainable. Javier, a new dancer from his dance company, will cross his path. Javier will get Judah to rethink his entire universe completely and get carried away by a feeling he had never experienced towards anyone. The doubts and desire about Javier, both sentimental and carnal, will lead our character to a state of catharsis, dragging Javier to the most irrational sacrifice. 1:48:00 Spain https://vimeo.com/67524263 Best Horror Feature
RUN! RUN! is a queer, experimental, anti-war film. Production began in the summer of 2017, during Trump’s escalation of nuclear war and shortly after he announced his transgender military ban. While many mainstream LGBT organizations and their allies committed to fight against the trans military ban, RUN! is aligned with radical queer activists who have responded with critiques of the US military for their violence around the globe, destruction of the environment, and the trauma inflicted on service members and veterans. (https://queertranswarban.wordpress.com). RUN! includes three main components: footage from sites of nuclear development, detonation, industry, tourism, and activism in New Mexico and Vermont; a found-footage film on the lifecycle of houseflies; and a reenactment of Jack Smith’s 1969 drag performance as RoseKennedy in his film Song for Rent. Through layering and juxtapositions of these sections, RUN! examines how the interlocking ideologies of war and white supremacy structure landscapes, community rituals, cinematic technology, entomology, epidemic management, and even notions of LGBTQ liberation. SHOT ON LOCATION: The abandoned Black Hole Museum of Nuclear Waste founded by anti-bomb activist Ed Grothus The edges of the Los Alamos National Laboratory The Trinity Site where the first atomic bomb was detonated The perimeter of the decommissioned Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant 0:11:00 United States https://vimeo.com/257884898 Best Political Short
Camiseta Grande (Big T-Shirt) An animated music video and song by band, breakfast tacos. 0:03:40 United States https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/16188891 Best Animated Short
Turpe Armando remains a widower in the house he shared only with his wife Lucia and a dachshund. He closes gradually in the silence of a mute and sultry house. Unable to accept his wife's death, he spends his afternoons browsing the photo and video folders with his wife until he finds the explicit videos he starts sharing in adult chat to keep his wife alive. 0:15:00 Italy https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/16210438 Official Selection
The Coat It is hard not to freeze in the world of cold and indifference, but is it worth warming up? ...The girl turned out to be alone on the road, barefoot in the cold. Where is she going? What is she looking for? Whether or not she is going to freeze. Of course, she will have a difficult path, in which the cold is not the worst challenge. After all, to save your life is not everything while you need to find out how to dispose of this life. And what if the destiny of the innocent one turns out to be in your hands?... These and many other questions the Girl will have to answer and make a fateful decision for herself. 0:29:32 Russian Federation https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/15396327 Official Selection
Beyond the wall. “Beyond the Wall” is a short film about an intrinsic link between present and past, a spiritual journey of the Artist through the pain of loneliness, an epitome of eternal Love. The film, convey the feelings and emotions of the principal character in the form of music and lyrics, through poetic symbols and surreal artistic images. The dance is also an allusion to the timelessness of love. (There is a Russian version of film as well. In this version Song lyrics and poetry are in Russian. And there is additional English version with Spanish subtitles). 0:22:44 Azerbaijan https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/17027209 Official Selection