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The ECF takes place from the 5th December 2020, in Madrid. The main goal of our festival is to accumulate and showcase the best works from the local area and also from further afield.

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Welcome to the European Cinema Festival!

The European Cinema Festival takes place from the 21st of February - 3rd of March 2019. The festival will be hosted in one of the most well known film Capitals of Europe, Madrid. The event will be a mixture of a general film festival with screenings and also a film market. There will be exhibitors at the film market representing all areas of the film industry and 1000’s of new films and screenplays will be featured so the opportunity for creating new working relationships and business arrangements are endless!

The European Cinema Festival wants to bring the benefits of a film market to Madrid for the first time. Up until now, the majority of well known film markets have been held in the USA and Asia, and Europe has often been overlooked. The European Cinema Festival is here to change that and offer a global platform to not only European film companies but also to the great filmmakers and scriptwriters that are located there.

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