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Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony

The European Cinema Festival will begin with a prestigious Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony on the 6th and 7th of December 2019. This will be the first chance for exhibitors and filmmakers to meet and plan how they will spend their time at the European Cinema Festival.


Film Screenings

There will be film screenings held on every day of the ECF so there will be multiple opportunities for both film companies and film-goers to attend screenings and see all of the great films that will be on offer.


Gala Dinner

On the final day of the ECF, there will be a gala dinner. This will be a chance for everyone who has had the pleasure of spending the week at ECF to debrief, make final contacts and enjoy themselves before everyone heads off in separate directions. More details about how to secure your ticket for the Gala Dinner will be available soon.


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  • Over 1,000 films and scripts will be featured at ECF
  • Film screenings on every day of ECF
  • 100’s of film companies from all over the world will be exhibiting
  • Distributors, film buyers, film investors and production companies will all be present.
  • Workshops and Panel discussions of ECF
  • Formal Gala dinner on the closing night
  • The perfect event to meet and network with other filmmakers and film companies!